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Types of Surgeries Performed at The Castro Animal Hospital


  • Spay & Neuter Surgery - Spaying or neutering your pet obviously prevents the possibility of pregnancy, but it also prevents many diseases. By removing the reproductive organs at a young age, we can help your pet avoid several forms of cancer.

  •  Dental Surgery - The surgical treatment or removal of infected, fractured or dead teeth or periodontal disease to prevent ongoing infection & oral pain. This sometimes also includes the removal of oral tumors or growths

  • Soft Tissue Surgery - Soft tissue surgeries can range from invasive abdominal surgeries to less invasive external procedures such as mass removals for biopsy. Soft tissue procedures are also helpful in medical situations such as the repair of traumatic injury, foreign body removal, the removing of diseased tissue and exploratory surgery to help pinpoint the exact cause of an illness.

  •  Brachycephalic Airway Surgery (Palate Surgery) - Specific to Brachycephalic breeds such as French & English Bulldogs, Boston Terrier & Pugs, this surgery involves the removal of excess tissue that is obstructing the airways to allow them to breath normally

  • Orthopedic Surgery - We perform a number of orthopedic surgical procedures at The Castro Animal Hospital including stifle (knee) surgery for ligament injury or patellar luxation, internal and external fracture fixation and limb or tail amputations when medically indicated. The most common orthopedic surgery we perform in dogs is a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) to stabilize the knee joint after rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament, the dog equivalent of an anterior cruciate ligament or ACL in a human, to restore pain-free function of the knee. 

  • Emergency Surgery - If your pet is in immediate danger, emergency surgery can make all the difference. We can perform Cesarian sections, remove urinary stones or ingested foreign objects, un-twist a stomach twisted by bloat, and repair damage caused by traumatic injuries. If your pet needs overnight hospitalization, we can transfer him to the necessary facility.


As a pet owner, you may have to face a number of important decisions regarding your pet's health - including the prospect of them undergoing some form of surgery. While you might naturally shy away from invasive procedures, surgery can prove highly beneficial in a number of ways, from preventing serious health challenges and restoring function, to actually saving your pet's life. The Castro Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary surgery treatment options. 

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