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Blood Tests - Biochemistry (blood chemistry to assess organ function) & Complete Blood Count (assess anemia & inflammatory cells)


Urinalysis & Sedivue - Assessment of urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes & urinary stones or crystals


Cytology - Microscopic assessment of cells for infectious organisms such as bacteria, yeast & mites. Also used to test if an animal is in heat


Digital X-ray - Optional specialty radiology review

Dental X-ray - Determine underlying root health of potentially

diseased teeth

Ultrasound - Specialist ultrasound studies including echocardiograms, sterile urine collection for culture & quick scans

Tonometry - Test intra-occular pressure

Fluoroscene Staining - Check for corneal ulcers under black light




We use both Idexx & Antech laboratories for more complex testing. Some of these tests include the following:

  • Specific disease blood panels

  • Cytology 

  • Histopathology 

  • Fecal assessment for parasites including genetic PCR testing

  • Disease titres

  • Export titres (Rabies FAVN done through Kansas State University)

  • Allergy panels

  • Urinalysis & Culture

  • Skin Cultures

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